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For developers.
By developers.

Harness the power of FOURTHiQ’s API to build and manage your IOT business. Our API is well documented, responsive, and interactive. Scroll to see the key features that are included.

IOT devices

Receive data packets from your devices and monitor your device health, infrastructure and their impact on your business.

Manage properties

Restrict or allow access to any area, on any property, to whomever you chose. Communication with residents: ex. policy changing, renovation, etc.

Orders, products, and customers

Build a commerce engine that integrates with your device infrastructure so that you can take payments with ease. Equipped with all the KPIs you need, this is the complete package.


Communicate directly with your consumers about important policy changes, and enticing products and offerings.

Multiple location, franchise and store management

Build your tools to house all locations and franchises in an organization.

Identity management

Custom and unique identity management for corporations and enterprise businesses.